Pioneering Cancer Screening and Dual Opinion

Our vision is simple yet powerful: a world where cancer is detected early, treated effectively, and lives are saved. We believe that technology can play a pivotal role in achieving this vision, and thats why we are dedicated to creating solutions that empower individuals, doctors, and healthcare professionals in the fight against cancer.

Early Detection, Effective Treatment, and Lifesaving Impact

Unlock the Potential of Meddai: Your Partner in Cancer Care Discover the core features that make Meddai your trusted partner in the fight against cancer.

Cancer Screening APIs

Harness the power of our advanced APIs to achieve 99% accurate cancer screening results. Our technology is trusted by leading healthcare providers worldwide.

Raspberry Pi On-Premises Scanning

Experience on-premises cancer screening with our portable and cost-effective Raspberry Pi solution. Get accurate results without the need for expensive equipment.

Dual Opinion Platform

Connect with top-tier doctors and specialists with a single click. Get expert opinions and guidance, bringing convenience and peace of mind to your healthcare decisions.

Billion Data Points

At Meddai, we're proud to offer an unparalleled dataset, with over a billion data points. This extensive data set is the cornerstone of our industry-leading algorithms. We're dedicated to using this wealth of information to continuously improve the accuracy and effectiveness of our solutions.

Reduction in Turnaround Time

Our innovative normal-abnormal triage system is a game-changer in the world of cancer care. By using advanced AI technology, we've achieved a remarkable 3x reduction in turnaround time for diagnosing and assessing medical cases. This means quicker decisions, faster treatment plans, and improved patient outcomes.

Global Reach

Meddai's influence extends across borders, impacting healthcare worldwide. Join us in this global effort to revolutionize cancer care and make a difference on a global scale.